Ryken Studio

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The best YouTube experience around. myTube is a YouTube app built to keep your video playing no matter what. By lightly fading the video into the background, you can continue to watch while you read comments, browse channels and videos, and everything else you can do in the app. If you can do something in the app, then you can do it while watching a video! myTube even can play the audio of videos in the background while you use another app ;)
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Photo Shader

Make your photos beautiful with Photo Shader. Simple, fast, and easy. With a simple interface and top-notch performance, you can beautify your photos in seconds rather than minutes. And with the app's real-time rendering, you'll know what your photo will look like before you let go of the slider. With over 40 effects, filters and adjustments, Photo Shader has what you need to make a beautiful photo.